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The Shevonyah Show
The Shevonyah Show
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"Read Hebrew In One Week" with the ShevonYah Show
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"Read Hebrew In One Week" with the ShevonYah Show

Struggling with Hebrew? Seems like its going to take you forever to get it? Can't afford those expensive online courses? 

Worry no more the ShevonYah Show has put together a premium package that's simple, fast and affordable!

*****What will I learn?*****
- Alef Bet
-Vowel Markings
-Breaking apart syllables
-Quick and easy conversational Hebrew
-Read Hebrew

*****What's in the package?*****
-Syllabification Breakdown (Color coding to make reading easier)
-Two Books (with additional Hebrew vocabulary from English to Hebrew)
-Learn to read shapes and colors
-Hebrew conversation

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