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Monitoring Israel
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鈦he targeting of our people never ended. We have been monitored and watched since we came to this land. That has not changed. If you are sharing the truths about who we are, you should assume that you are being monitored. The powers that be want to place labels on us as an extremist because it will allow them to track and surveil. And yes, they will use informants and plants. Pray for discernment during this time because all who are with us is not for us. Some have been sent. We need to know who sent them.

Schools are masking our children because they are being paid to do so!  This parent followed the $$.
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Many school districts have been paid to enforce their face mask rules. This parent is exposing it!

鈦o learn more about harmful long-term exposure to face mask, please use link below:馃憤

Emergency Prep and Linking with Black Farmers
Sis Cee Cee
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Tips on preparing for Dark Winter and Collaborating with Black Farmers

Iron Sharpeneth Iron: Standing for the Faith (full video)
Timothy Stevens
34 Views 10 months ago

Men's Bible study discussing the importance of undestanding how to stand against ungodly mandates given by men. Using the examples of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego to illustrate the topic. Also exposing the conditioning that is being pushed by the media.

URGENT!! Upcoming Permanent Lockdowns
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There are leaked documents (supposedly viewed by our governement) that discuss the final phases of impending lockdowns to be enforced on a global basis. It has already begun in a few countries and the documents imply their intent to coherece lockdowns worldwide. As always, pray about it and share this information with as many people that will listen.

The link below will allow you to download a PDF version of the leaked documents for your review.

Hebrew Apostolic   Hebrew interviews  Moreh DB of the Elephant man podcast
Elephant Man Podcast
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Dr. Trevor Udennis of Pillar of Faith Ministries interview. Moreh D.Bazziel of Elephantman Podcast Network.

Magnets sticking to arms?
Timothy Stevens
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The Israel / Palestine Conflict: The unadulterated Truth
Timothy Stevens
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Bible study revealing the real cause of the fighting in the Holy Land.
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Israel/Palestine Conflict
Timothy Stevens
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The Vaccinated Will Change
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This video highlights the coming changes that will surely take place within some of the vaccinated people. As a matter of fact, on October 12, 2020, YAHUAH gave me a heading or title of what is coming. He called it "Changed. The Coming Xeno".

Please remember to Watch....Share...Prepare!


WARNING! The 2 magnet videos below include FOUL language. Viewer discretion is advised:

Doctor WILL NOT See Vaccinated Patients
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This Doctor will not allow anyone who has been vaccinated with the Cov-19 Jab to be a patient at his office. Watch the video to learn why and how he intends to address that situation.

Panel Of Doctors Identify Covid-19 Injections As Bioweapons
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The doctors within this video discusses the harmful or deadly side affects of the Covid-19 Inejctions as a type of bioweapon.

If you want to learn more about 鈦hy vaccinated people are making HEALTHY people sick, click links below:

Doctors Exposing The Covid-19 Vaccination Agenda
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Although I do not agree with some of the theological views of this video, it is "loaded" with truths that are impossible to find on mainstream media and hard to find on online alternatives, like Youtube. You will hear discussions about Event 201, Greatest Reset, Global Depopulation Plans, the testimony (global genocide) of Dr. McCullouhgh who is the Chief Of Medicine at Baylor University and much more.
Family, the truth is being silenced, but we will not go quietly into the night without so much as a peep! Please share this link with family, friends, 鈦cquaintances and even those you don't like too much.

Healthcare Workers Come Forward About Covid Vaccination Side Affects
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Healthcare workers discuss the devastating side affects of the Moderna Injections and how the medical system tried to cover it up and deny the cause of their suffering. This video is a must see for any Adult who is faced with a decision to vaccinate for employment safety. Also this video is a must see for anyone who has children between the ages of 12 - 15 years old and are required to vaccinate their children.

Black Lives Matter:Abominable Ancestral Worship
Timothy Stevens
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Brief bible study exposing the practice of abomination of ancestral worship within the leadership of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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The Media: Propaganda and Division
Timothy Stevens
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Exposing the media agenda of pushing propaganda from a recent disrespectul interview on MSNBC with the Governor of West Virginia.

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Coming Covid Catastrophe
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This video is an easy-to-understand explanation that clearly demonstrates how the Covid19 Vaccination negatively impacts or destroys the human immune system over time.

Below is a link to additional supporting documentation (鈦ovid-19 injections are spreading new 鈥渧ariants鈥 of coronavirus):

Don Lemon and White Jesus vs. Nick Cannon and Black Jews
Timothy Stevens
48 Views 1 year ago

difference between Don Lemon and Nick Cannon

You could turn someone into a freaking butterfly with the right DNA sequence
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Elon Must comments on the many potential uses of mRNA Vaccines.

MEDICAL SHOCKER: Scientists discover Covid Vaccine mRNA itself carries cancer CAUSING changes!
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MEDICAL SHOCKER: Scientists- discover mRNA inactivates tumor-suppressing proteins(Natural News) There鈥檚 a secret layer of information in your cells called messenger RNA, that鈥檚 located between DNA and proteins, that serves as a critical link. Now, in a medical shocker to the whole world of vaccine philosophy, scientists at Sloan Kettering found that mRNA itself carries cancer CAUSING changes 鈥 changes that genetic tests don鈥檛 even analyze, flying completely under the radar of oncologists across the globe.So now, it鈥檚 time for independent laboratories that are not vaccine manufacturers (or hired by them) to run diagnostic testing on the Covid vaccine series and find out if these are cancer-driving inoculations that, once the series is complete, will cause cancer tumors in the vaccinated masses who have all rushed out to get the jab out of fear and propaganda influence. Welcome to the world of experimental and dirty vaccines known as mRNA 鈥渢echnology.鈥漃reviously unknown cancer driving messengers are hiding in RNA, not DNAThis mind-blowing discovery should be published on every medical news site, newspaper, television news broadcast and on the CDC website, but unless you are reading this article and use DuckDuckGo as your search engine, you probably wouldn鈥檛 ever see it. That鈥檚 because Google is in on the fix, with Big Pharma and the VIC 鈥 the vaccine industrial complex. So here鈥檚 a more in-depth explanation of what we鈥檙e looking at, for real, regarding mRNA and vaccines.The information carrying molecule, messenger RNA, can instruct human cells ultimately in the same way as cancer drivers, playing a major role in causing cancer to thrive while inactivating natural tumor-suppressing proteins the human body creates to save you from cancer. This is the complete opposite of what the CDC and the vaccine manufactures are telling everyone right now about the Covid vaccines, and this is based on clinical research by molecular biologists at the Sloan Kettering Institute.Even sequencing the DNA in cancer cells doesn鈥檛 reveal these changes, that鈥檚 how sneaky the vaccines are. It鈥檚 like a Trojan horse that tells your cells to allow these changes to be made, as if they were safe, but they鈥檙e not. All assumptions being made about mRNA being 鈥榮afe鈥 right now have been completely turned 180 degrees with this research. Consider this very carefully if you have not yet been vaccinated with mRNA technology, and you may want to 鈥榣awyer-up鈥 if you already got the jabs.After your Covid vaccination, RNA is transported out of your cell鈥檚 nucleus, and will no longer function properly as a cancer tumor suppressorBill Gates and the Vaccine Industrial Complex are very sinister, as we all know, but to create vaccines that truncate (disable by cutting short) cancer tumor suppressors, and destroy the human body鈥檚 ability to protect against cancer, well, that鈥檚 just complete insanity. Truncated tumor-suppressor proteins are similar to the DNA mutations that cause cancer cells to mutate and multiply uncontrollably. Will America see cancer cases skyrocket over the next few years due to Covid vaccines? Only time will tell, but right now, science is revealing that it鈥檚 likely. Pay close attention.Therefore, anyone who is scared to death of the Covid vaccines is pro-science rather than anti-science, because the science shows the mRNA technology is very dangerous, especially concerning proteins that fuel cancer tumors. Let鈥檚 say that again: Science shows mRNA technology can fuel cancer tumor growth.Substantial amount of people with blood cancer have the SAME inactivation of tumor-suppressor genes at the mRNA levelScientists also discovered that a substantial amount of people with blood cancer, a.k.a. chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), have the same exact inactivation of tumor-suppressor genes at the mRNA level. In fact, the mRNA changes they detected could possibly account for the missing DNA mutations, and that spells out bad news for everyone who thinks the Covid vaccine series is 鈥渟afe and effective.鈥 It鈥檚 effective alright, at suppressing anti-cancer proteins, one might more

Judas and the Real Black Messiah: The Government Conspiracy to Kill Yahshua (Jesus)
Timothy Stevens
24 Views 1 year ago

principles from the Word of God concerning the betrayal of Yahshua by the chief priests and rulers (government).

Tools For Battling Covid-19 Vaccination Misinformation
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We are at war!
There is an onslaught of purposeful misinformation regarding the supposed safety, supposed harmlessness and supposed beneficial, Covid-19 Vaccination. This war is intensifying because the kingdom of darkness have recruited well-known ministries to assist them in the battle to destroy millions of souls via the "Jab". Also they have called for re-enforcements by soliciting major drugstores like Walgreens and CVS to provide the "jab" to all willing participants.

Therefore, this video serves as a countermeasure to offset their upscaling warfare. The link below will provide sufficient information (ammo) to destroy their outright lies and half-truths!

Elephant man Podcast Special Guest- Zaydok The GodHop MC Friday Dec. 25th 6 PM
Elephant Man Podcast
41 Views 1 year ago

Join us Friday Dec. 25th @ 6 PM (Central) Special guest Zaydok The GodHop MC From N.Y. Tune in as we chop it up about Rap, Hip Hop Culture, and the different belief systems within the culture.

Prepper 101- (What is a Prepper? Should you Prep?)
Elephant Man Podcast
29 Views 1 year ago

Join us as we discuss prepping with a panel of preppers. What is Prepping? Should you prep?

Side Affects Of Covid-19 Vaccination
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The video shares the horrible experience of a woman after she received the Covid-19 Vaccination.
Also, there are THOUSANDS of people being damaged by the Covid-19 Vaccination. To view the other video and documents, please visit the link below:

Timothy Stevens
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House of Serv out shopping on our post and this happens...
iRepEnt TheeElect
27 Views 1 year ago

Ty-serv and Naava Chavi was in the store getting ready to record to expose the unfruitful works of darkness and this happens.....

Interview With Dr. Michael  Yeadon,  Pfizer's Former Vice President & Chief Scientist
54 Views 1 year ago

Dr. Yeadon plainly speaks against this pandemic and that a vaccine is not reqiured.

Legislation to Give Children 11 years old Vaccinations without parental consent
Timothy Stevens
31 Views 1 year ago

DC Legislation that allows children 11 years and up to be vaccinated without Parental consent.

Coming SPARS Plandemic!
88 Views 1 year ago

Learn about the upcoming plans to continue the Cornoa Plandemic!

The link below allows you to download the SPARS Pandemic PDF that is mentioned in the video.

鈦o be forewarned is to be forearmed.!

Is this Vaccine the Mark of the Beast?
Timothy Stevens
45 Views 1 year ago

bible discussion centered around the question of this vaccine being the Mark of the Beast or not.

The Vaccine packaging says it all...
Timothy Stevens
1,211 Views 1 year ago

important information about the Vaccine agenda being pushed worldwide.

ADOS Declaration of Independence
MariYah Israel
20 Views 1 year ago

As a member of the ancient Isralites, I fully support the ADOS Movement, while also recognizing that our Reparations will come from TMH, not man. Yet I believe it is important that we come out from this nation, as TMH has ordered us to do in Rev. 18:4. This declaration of independence from the Daughter of the Whore is my gift to my Brothers and Sisters, who understand the need to denounce what TMH has denounced.

Vaxxed - "Be Informed Before You Give Your Arm" To Vaccines
33 Views 2 years ago

This Documentary will provide significant and factual research, regarding the dangers of Covid-19 Vaccines as well as other types of vaccines.

FARus Intro (Audio Version) -- Passport to Freedom -- Let's go home family! Our Promised Land i
42 Views 2 years ago

Finally it is here, the stage has been set...

Write to:

Full Effect Group - I Am Market Place
Rohan Lee Ya Israel
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Full Effect Group - I Am Market Place

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