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Duane Harris
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The Troubles of Job, DR - Chpt. 1, 2, 3
Radical Professor
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Are you a Job? Complain all you want, but bad things happen. Accept the good with the bad; and, most of all, always trust the Most High. Dramatic Reading (DR)

President Magufuli Final Warning to Tanzanians Before His Demise
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⁣president magufuli last warning speech to tanzanians before his untimely demise

Project Yah’sGarden- Fall Garden UPDATE ☀️
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What’s good family! Shalom & peace to you in Yahusha’s/Jesus name 😌

In preparation for the fall garden, we decided to go ahead and transplant the kale that was started last month in the front garden of the house. Who has seen the post of those Tassili’s-inspired kale wraps I posted? They were so bomb 💣💯💣 that’s why we’re doin the kale 🥰

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Peace to you ✨😇

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Project Yah’sGarden— Summer Garden: Come Spend The Day W. Me! ☀️
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In today’s episode, if you wanna join, you’ll see what the nature of the work is set before me as Yahusha guides us in these last days. I always anxiously anticipate any challenges because I know that all things are possible thru Yahusha. It’s always incredible to watch how He brings things to pass right before your eyes and He moves the chess pieces from His throne. Faith that moves mountain 😊 That’s the point 😎 & overcoming and enduraning til the end 🙏🏾

Footage captured from Aug. 2. 2020.

S/o to my ahk & ahkoti, Malak & Malakah for putting me on to the Sleepy Laflare vibe. If you are interested in having your music featured in an upcoming episode, please comment below and we will get in touch 🤎

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Grace, mercy & peace to you from Yahusha Hamashiach. Shalawam fam 🙏🏾