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Moreh Yahmal
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⁣This documentary links the Freemasons to the origins of all Caribbean Religion, its practices, worship and all inherent ties to the craft that is Baal, masked by Christianity and Mysticism.

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This ignored event will take place before the rapture. This is where it's important to know the truth!

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CASIM Ministry
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⁣Come celebrate Haitian History with us and learn about Haiti's impact on the world. On this day CASIM Ministry prepares food and activities for the people of Saintiaque, Haiti.Haitian Flag Day, observed every year on May 18, is a national holiday in Haiti that commemorates the establishment of the Haitian flag during the Haitian revolution.

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Benayah Israel
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White Supremacy is officially over, according to DNA. New discoveries in DNA have finally identify the origin of white to pale skin, straight hair, and blue eyes. Checkout this lesson to read it for yourself.

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John 10

Yahs Approved Apparel Mall
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⁣Fringed Up Family Fest!!
my apologies for the abrupt end my bad.

If you have questions about being a vendor, performer, volunteer, sponser or donate

hebrew israelite music

Yahs Approved Apparel Mall
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Do you see Hebrew Connect on the flyer towards the end of this video? let meknow what you think?

Perfect Love Casts Out All FEar

⁣Noone But YAH Song & Meditation

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⁣The raw emotion that comes with your only child is explored in
scripture. Why would a loving God allow HIS son to die? Why would a
loving God allow us to endure slavery? These and much more are

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⁣Shabbat Shalom Israel... Praise Yah we are in the land of the living and have an opportunity to reconnect with our brothers and sisters. A nation of light to the Gentiles! Praise Yah, Seek Yah!

Adam Gistarb
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⁣3rd Month (סִיוָן) May - June

Shavuot/Feast of Weeks/Pentecost:
Strongs Hebrew: 1061. בִּכּוּרִים (bikkurim) — 18 Occurrences

The Festival of Weeks is also called the feast of Harvest in Exodus 23:16 and the day of first fruits in Numbers 28:26. ... The actual mention of fifty days comes from Leviticus 23:16

Exodus 23:19, Exodus 34:22, Exodus 34:26, Leviticus 2:14, Leviticus 2:14, Leviticus 23:17, Leviticus 23:20, Numbers 13:20, Numbers 18:13, 2 Kings 4:42, Nehemiah 10:35, Nehemiah 10:35, Nehemiah 13:31, Isaiah 28:4, Ezekiel 44:30, Nahum 3:12

Strongs Greek: 4005. πεντηκοστή (pentékosté) — 3 Occurrences

Pentecost: In the New Testament, the day that the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples of Jesus. Pentecost is the Greek name for Shavuot, the spring harvest festival of the Israelites, which was going on when the Holy Spirit came.

Benayah Israel
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New Music By Zamar Yashar'el
Song: OH MY YAH!!
Album: The Awakening
Available: Today Through Digital Music Platforms
(Please purchase after sundown on Shabbat days.

Stay Blessed Israel

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⁣Remember the Sabbath; Keep it Holy. Many of us have heard this our
whole life. What if there is more than meets the eye. Watch and

Sergelane .
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Ways we can heal together (3 min)

NA-to-A Diaspora
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We stop a very bright and handsome young brother on the streets of Kigali for a random interview, and he tells us his dreams of a future in North America ...and shares his other aspirations, while he is
enrolled in university. Also, we explore the idea of safe & inexpensive Medical Tourism in Kigali,
RWANDA - an alternative to expensive healthcare in the US??? Find out what we had done at the
Dream Hospital.

Timothy Stevens
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Background music

⁣Let’s see how many of you will share this and support this Pastor in stopping these perverts from targeting our children with sexually explicit material!

Duane Harris
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Demetra Kaye reports on Black boys being negatively viewed by Black and White female teachers from preschool and beyond.
Connect with Demetra:

Mispacha Bayith Yahu'el
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⁣Mispacha Bayith Yahu'el olam (MBYOLAM) presents Songz Out The JAR. We are committed to making content that is Scripturally based and Biblically sound. Our intent is to aide and encourage the growth and development of every house within Yisrael. We recognize that different camps, assemblies, and households choose to identify the Creator by one of many names or titles. Within our music we will use the name YAH (as mentioned in Psalm 68:4 NKJV) or an extended version of HIS titles/name. The hope is not to offend but bridge. May the following be a blessing to you.

-Bayith Yahu'el-

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⁣Is there a divine purpose for Israel in the final day judgments? Many would say no because they believe that the church has replaced the chosen people. However, understanding the days of
judgment is crucial because there are many similarities between the plagues of Egypt and the plagues recorded in the book of revelation. It’s as though we’re being reminded of the events of the exodus as we study the prophecies concerning things to come.

Duane Harris
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⁣T⁣witch tream check

Set Apart Not Aside
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What It Truly Means to Be Called A Servant of Yah | Torah Based Perfection

Worship Song leading Into Message: "I will be with you if you would only trust Me". -Richard Smallwood

-Abraham: Genesis 22:1-19, Genesis 17:1-7
- Moses: Exodus 3, Perfection Numbers 30:1-13
- Noach: Genesis 6:13-22
- Jeremiah Book of Jeremiah All 52 Chapters
- Dawid 1 Samuel 19

All Praises To Abba Yahuah!

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AsaYah Abdiel Ben Israel
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Jeremiah 17:5 reads, "Thus saith YAH; Cursed be the man that trusts in man and makes flesh his arm and whose heart departs from YAH."
Micah 7:5- "Trust ye not in a friend, put you not confidence in a guide: keep the doors of your mouth from her that lies in your bosom."
Jeremiah 9:4-6 "Take you heed every one of his neighbor and trust you not in any brother: for every brother will utterly supplant, and every neighbor will walk with slanders.5 And they will deceive every one his neighbor and will not speak the truth: they have taught their tongue to speak lies and weary themselves to commit iniquity.6 Your habitation is in the midst of deceit; through deceit they refuse to know me, saith the Lord."

The Oil of Joy Music
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Great is your mercy towards me
Your loving kindness towards me
Your tender mercy I see
Day after day

[Verse 2]
Forever faithful towards me
Always providing for me
Great is your mercy towards me
Great is your grace

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via CashApp: $theoilofjoyministry
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NA-to-A Diaspora
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⁣Rwanda has risen from its dark past of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide to becoming a country
where day-to-day life today is quite unlike anything in Rwanda history. Known as the cleanest
country in Africa - trash ⁣collected at your door, and water, electricity, and internet are all

reasonably reliable.

Sergelane .
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Your kids can learn core subjects almost anywhere on earth. Now is the time to give them the best options and pick healthy social activities.

Book a consultation at ⁣

Sergelane .
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"⁣For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." - 2 Timothy 1:7

Only The Most High can give you a sound mind.

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All things work for HIS good.

Duane Harris
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Residents of the San Bernardino mountains say they're ready for summer, but after massive amounts of snow this past winter, they got yet another round in May.

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⁣Understanding the days of judgment is imperative as we observe the unfolding of last-day events. We need to discern the difference because far too many Christians believe that Scripture only references a period of tribulation and judgment that will bring about the end of the world. However, other prophecies concerning judgment will occur before the creation of the new heaven and earth. Messiah told us that before it all ends, life on earth would be as it was in the days of Noah. So, it is essential to know what things were like in Noah’s day.
#DaysofNoah #Daysofjudgment

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⁣Leviticus 19:29-Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom, and the land become full of wickedness.”

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As a Bloodline Israelite, you are favored but that only gets you but so far. It's not your blood that gets you in the kingdom but the blood of the Messiah. We look to 1588 African maps to show who you are.

Set Apart Not Aside
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⁣Colossians 2:11
“In whom also ye are circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, in putting off the body of the sins of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ:

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⁣Matthew 5:42
“Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away.”

The KOYOC Podcast
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⁣It's time to put to rest the Microchip doctrine. It's tired. Here is undeniable evidence the Mark of the Beast Technology is way more advanced than what these so-called YouTube Teachers are telling the masses.

Stop telling people the COVID-19 Swab and Shots aren't the Mark but a precursor, but rather it's an upcoming microchip, or that it's only spiritual. You are a deciever if that is you!

Oh and by the way your friends and family will stop talking to you for sharing this with them. This is your warning in advance...

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⁣A common question Christians ask when they hear about the judgment is, What about the rapture? In this 4th session of the series, Understanding the Days of Judgment, we will address the rapture doctrine to see if Scripture supports this belief.

Into All Truth Live Light Well
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2nd Esdras 16:1Woe be unto thee, Babylon, and Asia! woe be unto thee, Egypt and Syria!
2Gird up yourselves with cloths of sack and hair, bewail your children, and be sorry; for your destruction is at hand. 3A sword is sent upon you, and who may turn it back? 4A fire is sent among you, and who may quench it?

2 Esdras 12:1 While the lion was saying these words to the eagle, I looked 2 and saw that the head that had prevailed disappeared, and the two wings (CHINA & RUSSIA) that had gone over to it rose up so that they might rule, but their rule was weak and chaotic. 3 I watched as they disappeared, and the whole body of the eagle was burned; the earth was filled with fear... 29 “As for your seeing the two small wings (CHINA & RUSSIA) passing over to the head on the right, this is the interpretation: 30 The Most High is keeping these for the eagle’s end. This rule will be weak and full of upheaval, 31 as you saw.

LilyoftheValley Iahpickneydem
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Flat or round earth spinning on an axis?

⁣[128] Since then the heaven and the earth comprise
the universe, we assert that the earth has been founded on its own
stability by the Creator, according once more to the divine scripture,
and that it does not rest upon any body; for in the Book of Job it is
written: He hangeth the earth upon nothing; and again (xxxviii, 4, 5, 6): Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? etc. And in like manner in David (Psalm cii, 5) it is said: He who laid the foundations of the earth upon its own stability. By the power, therefore, of the Deity who created the universe, we say that it was founded and is supported by him. Upholding all things, as the Apostle saith, by the word of his power.14

For if a body of any kind whatever were either underneath the earth
or outside of it, that body could not keep its place, but would fall
down according to what is seen always occurring in the natural world.
For if we take air, for instance, or water or fire, we find that things
which are heavier than these do invariably fall down in them. Since
therefore the earth is heavier than any other body whatever, the Deity
placed it as the foundation of the universe, and made it steadfast in
virtue of its own inherent stability. To illustrate this, let us suppose
a place to have a depth
|29 of a hundred cubits, and this place to be filled
with a body denser say than water; then if one should lift a stone with
his hand and drop it into the place, in what interval of time would it
reach the bottom? One may reply, in four hours, let us say. But further,
supposing the place to be filled with some rarer substance, air, for
example, in what interval of time would the stone now reach the bottom?
Evidently in a shorter time: in two hours, let us say. Supposing in the
next place a still rarer substance, then the bottom will be reached in
an hour, and with a yet rarer substance in half an hour. And again, if a
rarer still be supposed, the stone will touch the bottom in a still
shorter time; and so on until the body when attenuated to the last
degree becomes incorporeal, and the time ceases of necessity to be any
time at all. Thus then in the case supposed, where no body at all
exists, but where there is only the incorporeal, the heavy body of
necessity gains the bottom in no time at all and becomes stationary.

GrecoRoman theories of non-sense

Planets=stars=named by idols, demons, worshipped by Phoenicians=doctrines of devils =Astrology=wrong/guess taught to Greeks

Earth too heavy to be spinning on an axis, and spinning = collapse, constant earthquakes, dizziness etc in real natural world

⁣Earth's rotation
rotation or Earth's spin is the rotation of planet Earth around its own
axis, as well as changes in the orientation of the rotation axis in
space. Earth rotates eastward, in prograde motion. As viewed from the
northern polar star Polaris, Earth turns counterclockwise.Wikipedia

Axis = imaginary line (earth is imagined to be spinning on an imaginary line ) › us › dictionary › english › axisAxis definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

of a planet. 2. a real or imaginary straight line around which the
parts of a thing, system, etc. are symmetrically or evenly arranged or
composed. the axis of a picture. 3. a main line of motion,
development, etc. 4. an alignment between countries, groups, etc. for
promoting their purposes. 5.


In astronomy, an axis refers to the imaginary line that an object, usually a planet, rotates around. Earth's rotational axis is an imaginary straight line that runs through the North and South Pole. In our illustrations, Earth's axis is drawn as a straight red line.

THe Black Jews of Spain and Portugal , Isidore from Spain early Church fathers .. Isidore my family name to this day and Christian too ...

Black Portuguese and Spanish Jews who were exiled to the islands ... sugar cane etc, Jews were bringing sweet cane from a far country in the time of Jeremiah, same Jews who fled to West Africa, etc and rounded up as slaves sent to the AMericas; skilled in map making, geography, BIble knowledge, sciences, etc

Blackes They get little credit

The Blacks Negroes who taught the animals kindes Charles Darwin in Britain andthe Americas
Charles Darwin Failed Theory of Evolution

Examples of Failed theories in earth:

Spinning globe earth
Malthus population theory earth will collapse from too many people
Year 2000 end of the world failure of all computer systems
Climate Change proponents who do not follow their own theories
Ozone Layer ....
Veganism is healthier

[NOTES.--The cases of the sun, moon, and stars were made of aerial material, after the manner of lamps, and God filled them with a mixture of fire, which had no light in it, and with light which had no heat in it. The path of the luminaries is beneath the firmament; they are not fixed, as the ignorant think, but are guided p. 50 in their courses by the angels. The Ethiopians have a tradition that when the sun was first made its light was twelve times as strong as it is to-day. The angels complained that the heat was too strong, and that it hampered them in the performance of their duties, whereupon God divided it into twelve parts, and took away six of these parts, and out of three of them He made the moon and stars, and the other three He distributed among the waters, the clouds, and the lightning.]

2 Esdras 14:11
For the world is diuided into twelue parts, and the ten parts of it are gone already, and halfe of a tenth part.

CASIM Ministry
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⁣Before the big soccer match some of the children of CASIM jammed to some music and showed off a couple of their moves.

#ayiti #casimministry #international #kreyòl #ministry

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⁣There's a thin line between God and Jesus. In this episode we explore
when God says HE is Jesus and when Jesus says HE is God. 3 calls from 3
types of people are analyzed.

NA-to-A Diaspora
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⁣Come with us as we travel to Kigali, RWANDA - "the land of 1,000 hills."
Travel with us around Kigali as we see the historic sites and learn
how Rwanda has progressed since the 1994 Rwandan
Genocide. What does it look like now? How has the country progressed?

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platform at

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⁣Ecclesiastes 9:11

Duane Harris
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A short music video of a instrumental song about the journey or praise and prayer.

נשיא עמנואל בן יהוספ
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Hebrew Israelite Teaching

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