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The Greatest
Royal Priesthood 777
77 Views · 28 days ago

Let’s give The MOST HIGH praise for he is the Greatest and no other god can compare to him.

Most Powerful Elohym Feat Do if for the Nation
Royal Priesthood 777
104 Views · 5 months ago

The MOST HIGH got us in these times he is the most powerful Elohym (God) and if we keep his commandments and have faith and in Messiah we ain’t gotta worry about a thing

Royal Priesthood 777
34 Views · 8 months ago

The MOST HIGH worked wonder on the trip to Haiti and allowed me to gain a even great love for my people. On this track I praise his name, talk about the trip and what happened, and declare the fact that we are returning back to him.

Marching on to Zion
Royal Priesthood 777
49 Views · 1 year ago

⁣Israel we are getting closer to Zion don’t give up now the work we doing is effecting people our people are waking up when your feeling down getting into the word and you’ll be refueled how blessed are we to be the chosen and to be a servants of ABBA

Swing Low
Royal Priesthood 777
70 Views · 1 year ago

This is a song to call down the chariots and to cry out to The Father for help. This is also a song to wake up the lost sheep. Black people we are the Israelites.

Clues Feat. Do it for the Nation X Israel Music
Royal Priesthood 777
32 Views · 1 year ago

Black people are the lost sheep of Israel and The Father left Clues so we could come back to our identity

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