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Learn Hebrew With Words You Already Know - Soda, Bank, & Banana

50 Views· 11/24/20
The Shevonyah Show
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The ShevonYah Show - Easy Peezy Hebrew Words You Know - Soda, Bank, & Banana

Learn To Read Hebrew Hebrew In One Week

The #1 easiest way to read in Hebrew.

At first glance, the Hebrew language could be intimidating to learn.
Through the learning process, we’ve learned this is the one true way of learning to read Hebrew. “Use Words You Already Know”
Some words in Hebrew are pronounced the same way in English.
With a little knowledge of the letters & their sounds & some vowel marking understanding, you can be reading Hebrew today. Do It The Fun & Easy Right Here at The ShevonYah Show

Hebrew Lessons That Can Help With This Video
Learn The Hebrew Alef Bets

Learn The Hebrew Vowels Part 1

Learn The Hebrew Vowels Part 2

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