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Lebanon pains wild fires, riots, debt burden hyper inflation wars fulfilling Bible prophesy

6 Views· 10/19/23
LilyoftheValley Iahpickneydem

Psalm 2
Psalm 83

⁣Jeremiah 22:23
O inhabitant of Lebanon, that makest thy nest in the Cedars, how gracious shalt thou bee when pangs come vpon thee, the paine as of a woman in trauell?




Killing Christians and exiling them worldwide


https://www.aljazeera.com › news › 2023 › 10 › 10 › what-is-hezbollah-a-look-at-the-lebanese-armed-group-backing-hamasWhat is Hezbollah? A look at the Lebanese armed group backing Hamas ...10 Oct 2023 The deadly skirmishes on Israel's northern border with Lebanon have raised the prospect of a broader conflict in the Middle East, as the Hezbollah armed group has fired artillery and...


⁣Christianity in Lebanon - Wikipediaen.wikipedia.org›

Christianity in LebanonChristianity in Lebanon has a long and continuous history. ... In the Lebanese Parliament, Christians hold 64 seats in tandem with 64 seats for Lebanese Muslims.

Lebanese Maronite Christians - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia.org›Lebanese Maronite Christians
The Lebanese Maronite Christians are believed to constitute about 30% of the total population of Lebanon according to election results.[1] Lebanon's constitution was...

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