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Watermelon Gardening 365 6 Views • 9 months ago

this was planted late season last year. you could barely see it passing by. it stayed green the entire year. about the early days of july it begain geowing wild.

Garden Update (starting my Vegetables) part 2
Garden Update (starting my Vegetables) part 2 Gardening 365 12 Views • 1 year ago

Garden update from overwinter
 I am not a pro at gardening,It is something that I just enjoy doing and have been doing it all my life practically.
 I have a patio that is large for an apartment a patio. I have my garden and pots in containers. I also have a greenhouse that I start the plants with or grow out of season vegetables in the winter.

Most gardeners plant on Good Friday, I  started my plants on March 23   which was the first day of year, according to the Hebrew calendar,  and it was the new moon, which typically represents the sabbath day of rest. 

We are in a day that we must sustain ourselves and grow our own food. Even if you have one pot or a very small space, you can grow something to sustain yourself example in one pack or you can have a greens like maybe collard greens because they continually grow and grow, and.

Many things you can do with collards  you can powder them for smoothies or soups, and you can freeze them, but in this day, the best thing to do with your green leafy vegetables is to powder them so that you can use them you can help you can stored up really good and use them for many things.

 I pray that someone will be held by my video and begin to grow their garden. You can grow something in your apartment herbs, lettuce, green onions.


Garden Update and Struggles
Garden Update and Struggles Gardening 365 19 Views • 2 years ago

Patio Garden using containers and grow bags - the struggles I’m having this year - blaming it on the atmosphere the chemtrails etc.

Pineapple Part 2
Pineapple Part 2 Gardening 365 14 Views • 2 years ago

Canned pineapples and dehydrated pineapples

PINEAPPLES USE ALL OF IT Gardening 365 15 Views • 2 years ago

Tips on what to do with a pineapple.
Medicine tea

July 2, 2022
July 2, 2022 Gardening 365 21 Views • 2 years ago

Short intro
small space patio container gardens

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