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How to Make Gerson Apple Carrot Juice 8 oz (250 ml) Serving

15 Views • 12/19/20
Into All Truth Live Light Well

Ideal for body and cellular detoxification used in concert with coffee enemas. This is the best way to start your day. Especially if you are a "coffee bum" interested in "Sustainable Health & Beauty."


Fiber has no nutrition. Only the liquid nutrients can enter the blood system.

Dr. Kirshner, Raw Food Juices, proved we loose over 65% of the nutrients and energy in the digestive food processing by to separating the pulp and fiber from the juice. If digestion is not functioning well we may only get 1% of that juice.

By juicing, you get more than 92% of the benefit of the juice.

A lot of people are concerned about the sugar involved in juicing. Yet juice alkalinizes the body. Carrot juice is a natural anti-fungal that kills both yeast and parasite larvae. The vitamin A aids in neurological function, fights free radical damage and inflammation.

The green apple’s malic acid is part of the (krebs) citric acid cycle that creates energy for both aerobic and anaerobic activities. It helps deliver oxygen to muscles and tissues to strengthen the body to heal.


1). One large Granny Smith Apple. Or Spartan if you can’t find Granny Smith. Tarte apples are high in malic acid.
2). 3 medium sized Organic Fresh carrots. Use more if needed. –(non organic ones soak up pesticides and nitrates and put them into you body.)
3). A grinding, titurating and/or press Juicer (a Centrifugal Juicer will not do, it pulls out the enzymes and phytonutrients.)
4). Potassium and Iodine, Lugals

****No need to add potassium or iodine if you are healthy. Check with a Gerson practicioner or a Natural Doctor, MD or ND familiar with the Therapy. Lugols is usually okay as it is throughout our bodies.

Scrub carrots gently washing in WATER vinegar, iodine, hydrogen peroxide or some other natural wash. Cut the ends off the carrots. Remove the core from the apple, and ALL SEEDS.

Grind apples and carrots in an alternating fashion to insure synergy of the fruts and vegetables is activated.

Gerson’s Potassium compound, and Iodine, Lugol’s, only, improve the thyroid and strength of the cells to aid the cell repelling toxins, unnecessary salt, inflammation and disease.

You mix them into the juice and drink and it’s amazingly refreshing.

Thanks for watching Livelightwell.

Eat Well – Eat Life From the Source

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Drink and enjoy!

Eat Well, Eat Life


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Visit Gerson.org to learn about Lugal’s dosage and iodine type and dosage.



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