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"Biblical Redemption, Restoration and Resettlement": The Bible and The Yisraelites

14 Views· 12/26/22
נשיא עמנואל בן יהוספ

Yah Khai !!!

Shalom, Shalom,

Peace and Greetings In The Mighty Name of YaHaWaH The HOLY ONE of Yisrael

The Topic of Discussion Covers The Following Issues: The Holy Bible, The Biblical Hebrew-Yisraelites, The Trans-Atlantic-Slave-Trade and Slavery, The Slavery In America, The Slavery in Egypt and the Exodus of The Biblical Yisraelite 3,600 years ago and Their Descendants Circumstances Today In a Modern Day Egypt (America) and The Similarities of Both Captivities, Exile, and Slavery. It Also Addresses, The Issues, of Reparations, Restoration, Redemption, Repatriations, Resettle, Returning to the Promised Land, and More. May Yah Bless You With Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding,

According To How It Is Written In Yahshua's Name Shalom.

Yahkhanon (John 10:25) Yahshua answered them, "I told you, and you do not believe. The works that I do in My Father's (Yah) name, they bear witness of Me.

Yours In Divine and Humble Servitude,

Yah Khai !!!!

Shalom, Shalom,


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Brother T
Brother T 3 months ago

Wow! Great post… Thanks

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