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⁣In this session, we will look at how the European, Babylonian system destroyed the things that should matter most - our relationships and why we have so much trouble seeing past our pain.

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⁣When did the Christians Replace Israel #7 | Who Has the Right to David's Throne? - In this 7th and final session of the series, When did the Christians Replace Israel, we discuss British-Israelism. In light of the death of Britain’s monarch it is important for us to know who has the right to King David’s throne. Can we find scriptural reference to show that another race of people was given the authority to reign and rule in the earth other than the descendants of King David?

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⁣As we continue to fill in the gaps about our history using the writings and quotes of the so-called early church fathers, it becomes more apparent that replacement theology is an attempt to replace the chosen people of the Most High, but our people cannot be erased. The Almighty made an everlasting covenant with our ancestors and sealed it with a promise and an oath. Our covenant with Him is everlasting.

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⁣The Gentile church has played a significant part in downgrading the status of the true descendants of Israel. Based on their interpretation of NT Scripture, the old had to die to make way for the new and improved Israel of God. In essence, the church is saying that Israel’s right to her title and covenants have been revoked. This may explain why Christianity places more emphasis on the New Testament as opposed to the Old. In this fourth session of the series, When did the Christians Replace Israel, we are going to trace the history of replacement theology and see how the church used this new doctrine in an attempt to erase Israel.

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⁣Replacement Theology is a false doctrine used by the Gentile church to erase the people of the Most High, but they have no covenant. In this third session of the series, When Did the Christians Replace Israel, we will reveal what the blessings of Abraham really mean.

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⁣When exactly did the Christians replace Israel? This is such an important topic and so much is hinging on what we understand about covenant, it cannot be taken lightly. We will let the Word explain and expose the truth concerning this very important topic.

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Scientists have already invented technology to rewrite the code of the human genome. The plan is to transform the population so that they are no longer fully human. This is an act of rebellion against the Highest. This desire to be like the Almighty began with lucifer. This is the 7th session in the series, Science Proving Scripture to be True. In this session, we will reveal how the West dominated the world.

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⁣The fallen is still enticing the ruling elite with forbidden knowledge to advance their cause. They are on a quest to rule the world. In this 6th session of the series, science proving scripture to be true, we will see how the four kingdoms mentioned in Nebuchadnezzar’s vision used knowledge from the fallen to build their empires. But the authority to reign and rule belongs to Israel. It is a decree that has already been written. Their right to rule has been rescinded. As it is written, so shall it be done.

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⁣Science Proving Scripture to be True #5 | The Hidden Knowledge - Your eyes will be opened, and you will be as gods, knowing good and evil. These are the words the serpent used to deceive Eve in the garden of Eden. His methods have not changed. He is using the same line to deceive the children of darkness. They are being seduced into believing that they will be gods when they receive the hidden knowledge from fallen angels. In this fifth session of the series, science proving scripture to be true we’re going to study the advancements in science and technology. Were those advancements the result of the knowledge given to them by demonic forces?

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⁣Science Proving Scripture to be True #4 It Is About More Than Black and White - Recent advances in technology are making it possible for scientific researchers to explore ancient populations. Ancient DNA is rewriting human (and Neanderthal) history. It is revealing that history is about more thank black and white. These revelations have provided direct evidence for interbreeding between early modern humans and archaic beings. Who were they?

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⁣The bloodline of all men on the face of the earth should trace back to one man and woman. So, how can we explain the admixture of a different species in the human genome? There was an event that contaminated the bloodline. Instead of disproving the bible, could science really be proving scripture to be true? The answer may be found by looking at the genetics of Mitochondrial Eve.

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⁣The seed of the fallen is still here. They are using science, technology, sorcery and other wicked means to bring about their evil agenda. Based on passages in the book of Enoch, these are the last days, and we should clearly see how science is proving scripture to be true. Time is short. It is time to get your house in order.

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⁣The targeting of our people never ended. We have been monitored and watched since we came to this land. That has not changed. If you are sharing the truths about who we are, you should assume that you are being monitored. The powers that be want to place labels on us as an extremist because it will allow them to track and surveil. And yes, they will use informants and plants. Pray for discernment during this time because all who are with us is not for us. Some have been sent. We need to know who sent them.

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Power and Glory of the Kingdom | You Have the Power of The Kingdom - Prophecies concerning the nation of Israel are the key to understanding everything that is happening in our world today. Interestingly, more end times prophecies concern the chosen people than any other subject. The earth is literally groaning as it waits for them to take their rightful place. Now that the chosen people are waking up to the truth of who they are, they must also remember the power and glory of their Elohim and the mighty acts of their forefathers.

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The command, “Come out of her my people” in Revelation 18:4 is a warning. The Most High is telling His people to escape the judgment that is to come upon Babylon. Babylon is represented by a false religious system that has deceived the world. To come out of her means that there must be a separation. The children of the Most High must disconnect from her. Babylon worships a god, but not the true God. He wants His people to come out of Babylon now! Will you heed the warning?#ComeoutofBabylonnow

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⁣ This is the story of Judah’s bitter cup. Because of Judah’s sin and rebellion, he would be defeated before his enemies and his carcass would be food for all the birds and the wild animals. But that’s not the end of Judah’s story. The prophet Jeremiah said to “call together the archers against Babylon and repay her according to her work; according to all she has done, do to her.” It’s time to pass the bitter cup so that the Gentile nations can drink. Hear o Babylon, the word of the Most High is against you. Drink your bitter cup!

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⁣Do You Know What It Means To Be A Christian / World Religion Facts - Are you sure you’re a Christian? The true followers of Messiah’s teachings never referred to themselves, as Christians. In this session we are going to uncover some truths that some may find difficult to accept, but you will find out what it really means to be a Christian. Get the facts!

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The Time of Jacob's Trouble | Esau Revenges Himself - Even before birth, the destinies of Jacob and Esau had already been determined. The scriptures tell us that Jacob received the birthright and the blessing that Isaac wanted to give to Esau. We also learn from Scripture that Esau and his descendants would find a way to rise to a position of power and keep the children of Jacob from the things that were promised. How did he do it?

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⁣You don’t want to miss this session if you are confused about what preachers call the Day of the LORD. With the many signs indicating that we are in the last day, preachers are beginning to sound the alarm about the nation being under judgement. The reasons they cite are abortion, pornography, and homosexuality. The Most High is not pleased with these behaviors, but how can preachers overlook the scriptures that actually tell us why this judgment is coming? What don’t they want you to know about this day?

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Esau Edomites today do not look the way they did in the ancient days. There is more to know about the family line of Esau the father of the Edomites and the place where he lived in the mountains of Edom.
#EsauEdomitesToday #TheMixedRaceofEsauEdom

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