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The Coming Two Kingdoms and the Fall of Babylon

31 Views· 03/17/21
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DescriptionThe book of Revelation has been hidden for centuries. Why? Because the Gentiles did not have the Key. What is this key? This video will explain what the key is for understanding the book of Revelation. It will also show how close we are to the end of Babylon. A shift is coming! The Gentiles will fear, and Israel will arise. We have tried to warn the nations, but just like Pharaoh their hearts were hardened. The time is near for true Israel's complete awakening. If you want to fully understand this teaching, you must review our earlier end time videos. Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand. Who are the two last Kingdom's on earth before the Lord Jesus returns? How does this help with understanding the book of Revelation? Watch and be amazed.

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