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Shalom Fam,
Checkout this 100 Proof video episode where we reviewed references and artifacts which prove the identity of the Children of Judah today. We review detailed discoveries made around the world. YAH willing we will also review an abundance of evidence from 100s of years ago to reveal a commonly understood description of the Children of Judah... Black.

Here's a brief summary of some of the topics covered in this week's episode..
1) The Language of Israel
2) The Picture of Israel in Egypt
3) Cranial Analysis Performed on Slaves in Egypt
4) Pyramid Builders
5) Lachish Relief
6) Lachish Cranial Analysis
7) Masada Archaeological Site
8) Masada Cranial Analysis
9) Judah in Lachish Sent to Spain
10) Cranial Analysis of Skulls of Brews in Spain
11) Description of Brews in Spain

Checkout this video today for shocking truths. Shalom!

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HIDDEN HEBREWS 101 - 2019 Conference Lecture

This video highlights some of the information proving the true Israelite identity of the so called Negro.

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Thanks Fam.

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I vehemently deny any allegations made by the Rolling Stones, the ADL, and media that the
Holocaust never happened and that my books and movies make that claim I respectfully request that everyone take the time to watch my films and read my books. You will discover that this claim is false and that my films do not promote terrorism, bigotry, antisemitism, or other hateful
ideologies. I reject and condemn any forms of prejudice or hatred towards any person regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, lineage, ancestry, or sex. As well as violence, racism, bullying,
discrimination, blackjewpbobia, and the misuse of the term "Anti-Semitism." The "African
Diaspora" that was sent to the Americas and the Caribbean via the Transatlantic Slave Trade are
"ethnically" the Israelites of the Bible, from the lineage of Shem. Therefore, myself or anyone
today who is a descendant of Shem's five sons cannot be "Anti-Semitic". As a ''Shemite", I am
against any form of Anti-Semitism/Anti-Shemitism in America or worldwide.

Racist scapegoating and non-conforming, as well as unfair tactics that hold communities of color
responsible for societal problems, must stop. Kyrie Irving shouldn't receive backlash on a film I
created. This is yet another example of a system that disregards and minimizes the lives of
people of color and shows how far from an equitable society we still are. It is our collective duty
to create a society where everyone has the same opportunities irrespective of their race, religion,
ethnicity or sex. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression should not be seen as an
"infringement", but unfortunately based on what we have seen lately in the news, this is a sad
reality in America. We definitely have more work to do to fix this.

I am dedicated to collaborating with all groups to make it possible for people from all
backgrounds to watch the documentary "Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black An1crica", just as one might watch the 1977 "Roots TV Miniseries", which is shown annually every February during Black History Month. The Mass Media relies on promoting exclusivity, stoking fear and assigning blame to those that go against their narratives. Everyone should be free to approach their past without worrying that they will be singled out, vilified and bullied. I implore everyone to take the time to read my books, watch my movie documentaries, then "fact-check" everything so that we all can have a full understanding of the True history of Black people in the Diaspora, which is now being told from a ·'different perspective". Using the study of history, theology,
geography. cartography. biology. craniology, odontology, genetics, linguistics, archaeology,
anthropology, and more. I provide the evidence 10 substantiate that the inforn1ation in my visual
and literary work is indeed factual. Hopefully after all of this is done, we can begin to forge a
nation founded on our complete history.

I pray that we are able to continue to bring people together of all backgrounds to embrace
historical events and facts that are detrimental to the progression of our society as a whole.

Ronald Dalton Jr.
CEO, Hebrews to Negroes Films

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#shannonsharpe #kanyewest #kyrieirving #antisemitic #thatsenough #hiddenhebrews

Who Got WAC?

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Shalom Family,
What do you know about the Jews of Bavaria? What do you know about the people of the Palatinate? Did you know many of these people were classified as swarthy or black complexion? Surprised? We'll, anthropology, archaeology, family crest, DNA, and old books help clear up the description of the people of Southern Germany.. Modern day historians generally agree that many modern day German people.. aren't native to Germany. In other words, they are related to a Germanic tribe who invaded Rome from the 5th century forward. This thoroughly documented event led to the establishment of the descendants of these Germanic tribes in England, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy... In fact, they settled throughout modern day Europe. This is accepted by many as historical fact. However, there's a part of this history that's often ignored... which involves the people who these Germanic invaders replaced. It seems, very few historians describe these people whom the Germanic's displaced. With that in mind, that's the purpose of this video series. Hidden truth revealed. Look out for more videos to follow Israel. Please like and share these videos Israel. Stay blessed family. Shalom.

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"The Space Traders" - Derrick Bell (1994)
***Be advised Fam, this video contains some explicit language not suitable for young kids****


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A DW Documentary on the Ku Klux Klan. Click on the the following link to view the full documentary on DW's YouTube channel.

DW Documentary

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Shalom Fam,

Most High willing... its about to drop. Watch the trailer to find out more.... Shalom!

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Shalom Fam,
Does this image look familiar? If so, check out this short lesson regarding the uniform of the Inquisition. For more information be sure to checkout up coming Hidden Hebrews videos for more details. Stay blessed Israel. Thanks for watching, sharing, and supporting. Shalom!

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Videos By
The A Files
& RiverLiver Productions

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Shalom Fam,
Are you ready for the next round of revelation? Well, buckle up… In this video we dig into yet another hidden truth related to the so called Negro… his name. This video will show yet another strong piece of evidence which reveals the true identity of the so-called Negro. Stay tuned family, you will never be the same again. Praise YAHUAH for revealing what was hidden in these last days. HalleluYAH!!

Links to Search for Sephardic Surnames

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Shalom Fam,

Checkout new music by Sister Joy Lester. Her new single "You Lied to US" tells the powerful story of the journey of the so called Black man. Be sure to checkout this epic declaration of our history and truth. This new single will be available through music outlets starting March 1, 2022. Enjoy Israel!

The Oil of Joy Music | Biblical Hebrew Awakening

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(Video Clips From)
RE-EMERGING: The Jews of Nigeria

Here's a Video Review By Karl Weaver -
This is another independent film with a modest budget, written and directed by an American Jewish director, Jeff Lieberman. The Igbo are a large tribal group in Nigeria (the largest and possibly wealthiest nation in sub-Saharan Africa). Most of them are Christian, but some tens of thousands of them are convinced they are actually descended from Jews who fled south and west during one of the diaspora, and as of 2012 when the film was made there were about 28 synagogues scattered about the country, all in areas of Igbo population.

As many of you know, Nigeria is an increasingly troubled country. Always problematic has been the split between Christians and Muslims (with the survival of native religious traditions as well). Nigeria is rich in oil, and as in many other oil-producing countries, the oil has done more to line the pockets of politicians and foreign corporations and very little to improve the lot of most of the population. For years there have been attacks on oil pipes and production facilities, and more recently the growth of the radical Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram. Amidst all of that, the film concentrates solely on Igbo communities, and mostly on the Igbo who are practicing Judaism.

The director presents a variety of reasons why there may be some truth to this: similarities between Igbo words and old Hebrew words; close similarities of some traditions, such as circumcision and Sabbath, etc. The State of Israel has not acknowledged the Igbo, even those practicing Judaism, as Jewish or having a right to immigrate, but perhaps that is due to the indigestion it is still getting over after absorbing the last African immigrant population. He says the Igbo resist DNA testing which might help to prove or disprove whether they are genetically related to middle-eastern Jews, but interestingly many Igbo were also brought to the US as slaves (at least 50,000) and the film states the only other new-world country which may have more blacks of Igbo descent than the Carolinas is Jamaica (also a frequent stop on slave ship routes).

The Igbo who have adopted Judaism of course have done it in their own way: they set the prayers and writings to song and sing them communally, with beautiful voices. The colors of their clothes are vivid and beautiful. The general tone of the documentary is upbeat; remarkably so considering the problems that exist in Nigeria as a whole. I definitely enjoyed watching it, and give it a B+. It lists 6 awards on its front jacket.

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