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The light of Zion is getting brighter and brighter

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The light of Zion is getting brighter and brighter- In this video tutorial, "The Light of Zion"; https://www.thelightofzion.com explains why and how the word of our God - the Bible is now shining ever brighter for the chosen ones of Israel's descendants.
True Israel descendants have been on a long journey, scattered away from their Promised Land. We are seeking for the road that will lead us back to Zion -The way of long ago. Because of our errors our ancestors were abandoned by our God until we complete our punishment among the nations where we have been scattered.
Yahuwah our God promised to come to our aid in the last days and show to his chosen ones the way to return to Zion -the kingdom territory of our God.
Yahuwah has magnified his word and is shining its light for the chosen ones to follow it back to Zion.
The light of Zion is shining ever brighter to show us the way and "The road leading back to Zion Homecoming of Abraham's chosen offsprings."
Proverbs 4:18 "But the path of the righteous is like the bright morning light That grows brighter and brighter until full daylight."
Prepping yourself for God's coming kingdom is the best way to ensure your survivability into the future. Prepare yourself so that you are on the symbolical Noah's ark. Prepare yourself so that you are on the narrow road leading back to the kingdom of our God. Listen and heed the warning from Yahuwah our God.
Awareness of what is foretold to occur and what is needed to survive is a vital part of preparing for the day of Yahuwah.
This video tutorial will help viewers be aware of things that were written that must occur and be done before God's kingdom arrives. It also presented explanations to enable viewers to understand the applications of the things written in the bible.

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