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What is the True Identity of Israelite Women: What Teaching Mothers Tell Us PART 2 HONORING SISTERS

41 Views· 23 Mar 2021
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What is the True Identity of Hebrew Israelite Women In Their Kingdom?
What is our identity in Yah?
Who are our Achoti Teaching MOthers Tell Us
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Yahya 8 months ago

We, some friends and I were recently talking about this, I think the gender imbalance is actually aimed at encouraging men to act more authoritative or aggressive in order to dominate leadership, which I think is a trap based on the fact that the leaders of Israel were usually humble men. they are not particularly boastful or the "alpha" men of today. I think we see a lot of issues when the two the specifically the husband and wife cannot work as a team.

The reducing of women to the function of their genitalia, meaning wife or mother or lover is heresy from romans, the greeks and the edomites who've handled our books and forced into our culture. I don't think he had women to yoke them to the whims of the males he made. Our relationship was meant to be based on intimacy, best, even the closest of friends, nobody want to be best friends with someone trying to lord or rule over them. I think the sexism rampant in the community is designed to undermine the intimacy of our relationships and destroy the family and the spiritual emotional connection of the family with YAH.

Glad to see you teaching this sis.

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