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Connect Four Tournament Preliminary Round

22 Views· 01/24/23
CASIM Ministry
CASIM Ministry
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⁣CASIM Ministry holds a connect four tournament to test the skills of our players. After introducing the game to everyone this trip from young kids to older adults everyone was invested. Here is footage from our tournament to have fun and see who is the best.

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The KOYOC Podcast
The KOYOC Podcast 6 days ago

This was so refreshing to watch! Especially in the midst of all that is going on, it's nothing like giving the little ones a refreshing opportunity to run the score up on Connect Four! TODAH YAH BARAK!

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CASIM Ministry
CASIM Ministry 5 days ago

All Praises to ABBA! We are so happy to hear that this video was refreshing. sometimes it is important to decompress while still having a righteous attitude and having fun/ enjoy time with loved ones. Thanks for the comment and TODAH YAH BARAK!

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