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Live from Balmoral following the announcement that Queen Elizabeth II was put under medical supervision at her estate in Scotland after her doctors expressed concerns about her health.

Although the world’s longest-reigning monarch, aged 96, has scaled back her royal duties in recent years—including most recently her decision to appoint the country’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss from Balmoral instead of Buckingham Palace, where such appointments are traditionally done—the announcement on the status of her health is nonetheless a significant development. Buckingham Palace doesn’t issue such statements lightly, and the fact that senior members of the royal family, including the Queen’s immediate successors Prince Charles and Prince William, are gathering at Balmoral to be with the monarch suggests that the prognosis is more serious than previously known. Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, announced that they will also be traveling to Scotland to be with the Queen. The BBC, the country’s national broadcaster, has suspended its regular programming until 6 p.m. local time and its anchors are wearing black attire, in apparent preparation for the worst.

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CeeCee CP
45 Views · 23 days ago

- Mind Blowing! -interesting perspective on how the enemy penetrates

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