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Now What! What to do after you learn the truth Pt 9

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YAHUAH has awakened you and now you realize that you are a Hebrew Israelite. Now What? Does it matter? Why does it matter? How does it matter? How will this impact your family? What societal pressures can you expect? This lesson is designed to address those questions and much more!

We welcome you to join us on this new and exciting journey as we discuss the following topics in this series:
1. Continuation - Scriptures that identify Israel.
2. The correct definition of "ruddy" and why it matters, Scripture Ref. 1Sa16:12 and 1Sa17:42.
3. DNA proof of the Jew-ish people.
4. DNA proof of the Hebrew Israelite.
5. MAP location of specific DNA.
6. What group of "people" does Deu 28:68 refer to?

Lesson Reference Links For Pt. 9:
1. https://www.veteranstoday.com/....2022/01/31/new-genom
2. https://www.yourdnaguide.com/y....dgblog/ydna-haplogro

To watch the next lesson, Pt. 10, see link below:

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