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Astronomers Just Discovered Something Huge!
Pavane, Op. 50
Duane Harris
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Pavane, Op. 50 · Bobby McFerrin · The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra · Gabriel Fauré

Paper Music


Released on: 1995-07-18

Producer: Steven Epstein

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Sistah Char & Keilah Rebekah - Speak The Name (cover song)
Duane Harris
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Original 'Speak The Name' by koryn Hawthorne

Video Shot & Edited by: Truant Nation
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Duane Harris
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Senator Bob Hall GOES IN against push for mandatory vaccination of COVID VACCINES! He breaks down RAW FACTS of the harm of these COVID vaccines! You cannot find this content openly on YouTube or within Google search

Live Video Update: Duane Harris
Duane Harris
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⁣Live Video Update: Duane Harris

Getting Started Part 1: Account Creation & Privacy Settings
Duane Harris
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⁣Shalom everyone... Today we are starting a "Getting Started" series to help each of you get the most out of your HebrewConnect.com social network experience. Our first video lesson simply goes over the process of account creation and the very important act of setting up privacy settings on your account.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment and reach out to our page!

Mvini (Rest in You) // We Will Worship
Duane Harris
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Mvini (Rest In You) - language: Zulu
We will abide in You Lord
Hide in You Lord
Rest in You Lord
Rest in You
Teach us to wait on You
Draw strength from You Lord
Rest in You Lord
Rest in You (Lord)

Mvini owonawona
Mvini owonawona
(True vine)

Sizohlala Kuwe
(We will abide in You)
Sizozifihla Kuwe
(We will hide in You)

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Like Oil // We Will Worship
Duane Harris
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Like Oil (Lyrics)

Verse 1

I come before You just as I am
And lay me at Your feet
I bring before You all that I have
And lay it at Your feet


You are worthy worthy worthy Lord
You are worthy worthy worthy so


Praise like oil
For You I pour it out for You I pour it out
I pour I pour it out for You

Verse 2

I pour this perfume not to impress
The people standing 'round
I pour this perfume 'cause of Your worthiness
As I behold You now


It's foolishness I know
But Your foolishness is wiser than my
Wisest wiser wiser

CCLI Song # 7068630

Langa Mbonambi

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JJ Hairston, Youthful Praise - You Deserve It
Duane Harris
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Music video by JJ Hairston, Youthful Praise performing You Deserve It. 2016 JamesTown Music


Come out of Babylon! Rebirth Augusta and Columbia Part 4
Duane Harris
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⁣Come out of Babylon! Rebirth Augusta and Columbia Part 4

HebrewConnect.tv - Sabbath Fellowship August 22nd
Duane Harris
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Join us NOW! A HebrewConnectTV Live stream brought to you by HebrewConnect.org, your destination for connecting to the Hebrew Israelite community near you!

Fannie Lou Hamer: Stand Up | MPB
Duane Harris
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Civil rights legend Fannie Lou Hamer is remembered by those who worked side by side with her in the struggle for voting rights. An African-American sharecropper from the Mississippi Delta, Hamer’s difficulty registering to vote in 1962 led to her career as an outspoken activist, congressional candidate, and fierce fighter for the rights of all.

Learn more at http://www.mpbonline.org

HebrewConnectTV Livestream August 8th
Duane Harris
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Join us NOW! A HebrewConnectTV Live stream brought to you by HebrewConnect.org, your destination for connecting to the Hebrew Israelite community near you!

Coronavirus-fuelled racism adds to Haitians' plight in Chile
Duane Harris
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Haitians in Chile - the largest migrant community in Latin America - are underpaid and often live in dire conditions.
Many are afraid to seek government and medical help for fear of being deported.
And now, the pandemic is fuelling racism.
Al Jazeera's Lucia Newman reports from Santiago.

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Duane Harris
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from ⁣seunokimi

What's actually happening on the African continent. The truth about the use of relaxers in Nigeria. Let's talk about it
My instagram: @seunokimi

In the documentary, I explore the truth about the use of relaxers in Nigeria. With all the talk about Natural hair going on now among the diaspora, a lot of people don’t know that the use of relaxers in African countries is actually very prominent and that similar natural hair “movements” have started taking root I African countries as well, but for reasons many Americans may not expect. In telling the the history of black hair in Africa and story of relaxers in Nigeria, my goal is to also tell a story of Nigerian women as a whole, bringing light to Nigerian culture and ways. Africa has a lot of under-told stories, and the story of hair, and especially as it relates to the natural hair movement happening in America right now is one of them. I talk about African hair culture and the natural vs. relaxed hair debate that is happening in Nigeria. By going through African hair history through the stories of my grandmother and others in the video, the documentary walks you through things like traditional Nigerian hairstyles, some history of braids in Africa, ancient African hair care, African hair styles, and traditional African braids, down to modern day practices of how hair is currently done in Nigeria. The video goes through the history of black hair in Africa, African cosmetology history, and how it relates to African American hair history, facts, the history of black hair discrimination, and black hair and cultural identity. It also goes through things such as an examination of what is "good" hair in the black community from the African perspective, the importance of hair in different cultures such as the Nigerian culture, black hair story, black hair salon culture and braiding culture in Nigeria, and some of the politics or lack of politics surrounding black women's hair in Nigeria. By showing the history of relaxers, the evolution of black hair in Nigeria, and African hair culture, this documentary explores the truth about what is actually happening with hair in African countries such as Nigeria and why.

My instagram: https://www.instagram.com/seunokimi/
Email: info@seunokimi.com
**serious business inquiries only**

The Songhai Empire -  Africa's Age of Gold
Duane Harris
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while you must chee the mest, and spit out the bones... this is a powerful dicumentary on West African Hebrew History.

https://www.patreon.com/fallof....civilizations_podcas the Songhai Empire is all but forgotten by history. But this medieval kingdom was once the most powerful force in Africa.Find out how this civilization grew up on the fringes of the Sahara Desert, among some of the most extreme conditions that nature can throw at us. Discover how it grew and flourished, passing through a process known as the imperial cycle, and learn about what ultimately caused its sudden and dramatic collapse.Support Fall of Civilizations on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/fallof....civilizations_podcas engineering by Thomas NtinasVoice Actors:Jake Barrett-MillsRhy BrignellBryan TshiobiPip WillettMusic by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: incompetech.com/Title theme: Home At Last by John Bartmann. https://johnbartmann.com/Special thanks to the Trust for African Rock Art (TARA) and Emma Silvester at Royal African Safaris for footage of the Dabous Giraffe: www.africanrockart.org

Episode 4: Ije goes to the hair salon
Duane Harris
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It's hair day for Ije! Join her as she shows you what it takes for her to get her hair done while learning some keywords in Igbo!

Shawn Rochester: "The Black Tax: The Cost of Being Black In America​" | Talks at Google
Duane Harris
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CEO of Good Steward LLC, Financial Coach, and Author Shawn D. Rochester discusses his new book, "The Black Tax: The Cost of Being Black in America". He examines the various costs associated with being Black in America, as well as what the Black community and concerned advocates can do to help close the wealth gap.​Get the book here: https://blacktaxed.com/Moderated by Shadan Deleveaux​.

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