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⁣We're All In The Same Gang!

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⁣HebrewConnect.com : Social Network
HebrewConnect.tv : Video Sharing
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For prayer email prayer@hebrewconnect.com
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⁣HebrewConnect.com : Social Network
HebrewConnect.tv : Video Sharing
HebrewConnectTV Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de...

For prayer email prayer@hebrewconnect.com
For help & assistance email ministry@hebrewconnect.com

To donate; https://www.hebrewconnect.org/support-us

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⁣Sabbath Praise 2 MIX


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www.anAEfilm.com - A Vimeo Staff Pick<br />
A Loss and prevention officer have a sense of real regret after facing a moral decision.<br />
<br />
Messages tend to resonate more when they’re more subtle, subversive, and provoke thought.<br />
<br />
Woodstock Film Festival, Winner: "Carl Lerner Award for Social Significance" at NYU First Run Film Festival<br />
<br />
Great Review on Omeleto<br />
http://omeleto.com/253997/<br />
<br />
Nice Review on No Budge:<br />
http://nobudge.com/main/lp<br />
<br />
CAST:<br />
Drew Morris ... Maximus<br />
Lucano Atitola ... Marvin<br />
Tinuke Adetunji ... Officer Wood<br />
Angela Bey ... Brenda<br />
Joe Cumming ... Officer Smith<br />
Spice Greene ... Officer Williams (as Kevin K. Greene)<br />
Jeff Jackter ... Manager<br />
Alex Jones ... Officer Hernandez<br />
Melvin Mogoli ... Calvin<br />
Bandon Morrison ... Young Maximus<br />
Rahmell Peebles ... Jordan<br />
Kyle Seales ... Undercover<br />
Stephon O'Neal Pettway ... Bad Guy<br />
<br />
CREW:<br />
Producer: Alex Wiske & AE<br />
Cinematographer: Daniel Patterson<br />
Production Design: Christelle Matou<br />
Associate Producer: Abbesi Akhamie<br />
Casting Director: Chastity Thomas<br />
Sound Mixer: Anastasia Fetisov<br />
ADR Engineer: Avani Galande<br />
Script Supervisor Farida Zahran <br />
Boom Operator: Tukei Muhumuza <br />
Music Score by: Christopher North<br />
Assistant Production Designer: Ana Novacic<br />
Additional Sound: Aaron Zick, Kelly Steinmetz<br />
Assistant Camera: Rashad Frett, Michelle Clementine<br />
Assistant Director: Anita Braithwaite, Pierre M. Coleman<br />
Sound Designer / Sound Engineering: Kevin Pineda Gould<br />
Still Photographer: Lorenzo Gayle, Lord Gem, Mark Nunez<br />
Supervising Editor: Juhui Kwon & Prashanth Kamalakanthan<br />
G&E: Ninna Pálma, Ramzi Bashour, Justyn T. Davis, Amrita Singh<br />
Additional Post Production: Noel Rayo Diz, Niv Klainer, Jeff Pinilla<br />
Production Assistant: Christian Osagiede, Tylie Shider, Rick Cineus<br />
Additional DP: Robbin Feng, Rashad Frett<br />
Colorist: Nicholas Levanti<br />
Gaffer: Nicholas Ellison<br />
<br />
by Alexander Etseyatse<br />
<br />
Woodstock Film Festival *Nominated for Best Student Short*<br />
woodstockfilmfestival.com/festival2019/details.php?id=42111#director<br />
NYU' First Run Film Festival "Carl Lerner Award for Social Significance"<br />
tisch.nyu.edu/first-run-film-festival/archive/more-2019/lp<br />
HBO' New York Latino Film Festival<br />
nylatinofilmfestival.com/2019/movies/lp/<br />
March on Washington Film Festival<br />
https://www.marchonwashingtonfilmfestival.org/2020-film-festival<br />
28th Pan African Film Festival<br />
paff.org/films/#!/film/lp_loss_and_prevention<br />
Big Apple Film Festival 2019<br />
bigapplefilmfestivalfall2019.eventive.org/films/lp-5dbf31a6e94d6a0029ef4970<br />
Martha' Vineyard African American Film Festival<br />
mvaaff.com/events/event/5761/<br />
Roxbury International Film Festival<br />
mfa.org/programs/film/shorts-2-what-were-you-expecting?event=25748<br />
Coney Island Film Festival<br />
coneyisland.com/event/ciff19program4<br />
BronzeLens Film Festival Nominated for Best Student Short<br />
bronzelens.com/movie/lp/<br />
Afrikana Film Festival<br />
afrikanafilmfestival.org/copy-of-schedule<br />
12ºN 61ºW Grenadian Film Festival<br />
www.1261filmfestival.com/<br />
Harlem International Film Festival<br />

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Director: Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah @raekua<br />
DP: Gabriel Connelly<br />
Producer: Adrian Sobrado <br />
Editor: Elliot Farinaro <br />
Costume Designer: Ramzi Shatara <br />
Hair & Make-up: Ramzi Shatara<br />
Set Designer: Kat Aman <br />
Gaffer: Dmitry Lesnevskiy<br />
Music: Adeleke Ode and Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah <br />
Assistant Producer: Kevin Loh <br />
2nd Assistant Producer: Maddie Neuville<br />
Line Producer: Stephanie Garcia <br />
First Assistant Director: Farah Jabir <br />
2nd Assistant Director: Jena Kaplaniak <br />
1st Assistant Camera: Allison Cavanaugh <br />
2nd Assistant Camera: Kira Handel <br />
Steadicam Operator: Sam Stephan <br />
Grip: John Mills and Ruchit Negotia <br />
Still Photographer: Chebarrie Haynes <br />
Art Department Assistant: Daphne Knott <br />
Color: The Mill<br />
Wardrobe Assistant : Amir Moverman<br />
Set Assistants: Rhea Li, Landen Messner, Sage Gibson<br />
Title & End Credits: Luke Salin<br />
<br />
Cast:<br />
Gabrielle Barlatier<br />
Amanda Dawson-Annan<br />
Iman Young<br />
Ahua Trahore<br />
Renee Harrison<br />
Tiana Walsh<br />
<br />
Kiyanna Cox Jones<br />
Savannah Grace Jones<br />
Nyla Simmons<br />
Karen Cruise<br />
Ewuradjoa Dawson-Amoah<br />
Erica Holman<br />
Latoya Philanthrope<br />
Fernande Decius<br />
Yasmeen Slaughter<br />
Zaida Rollins<br />
Deacon Michelle Ferguson<br />
<br />
Manushi Tanna<br />
Mahisha Tanna<br />
Fatoumata Calliste<br />
Lillian Chow<br />
Naomi Cox<br />
Audrey Weinlader<br />
<br />
Jac Frost<br />
Emma Claire Gibson<br />
Abigial Voss<br />
Sophie Taylor<br />
Luiza Reis<br />
Nicole Titus<br />
Anna Percovska<br />
Alyssa Randall<br />
Lauren Amira<br />
Lauraine Ogay<br />
Laura Farres<br />
Emily Renee<br />
Ashley Doney<br />
Zoe Stuckless<br />
Elise Harmsen-Wilkes<br />
Madeleine Eisler<br />
Zoe Bourdin<br />
Ryla Extract<br />
Abby Gumpper

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⁣Rogers is experiencing a massive outage that is impacting wireless, cable and internet customers across Canada.
To read more: https://www.cbc.ca/1.6514373

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⁣Rogers network outage hits millions of Canadians.
Seem like a little news blackout in regards to Canada outage.
Only a few outlets putting out a response.

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⁣This is a short film that seeks to bridge the gap between Africans and African Americans.
Follow our channel so we can grow and produce more videos.

For Over 400 years Africans and African Americans have had an unspoken but visible wedge between them. There is no right and wrong when it comes to why this gap exists but in order to move forward it’s important to address the pain and hurt from each side. A letter from an African tries to create a palatable table where both parties can sit and talk it out.

Written by: Nelly Sarpong
Starring: Nelly Sarpong, Sheri Ade-Eri & Samson Itodo
Directed By: Ben Zola & Sascha Lasarzewski

follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_abetterview_/
More Information about us: http://www.a-better-view.com

#noracism #AfricanAmerican #Africa #blackhistory #PeopleofAfricanDescent #unity #prejudices #differences #similarities #fromberlin #changingmindsets #abetterview

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On June 16, 2016, CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, started a
project to accelerate charged particles. Ten days later, photographer Christophe Suarez posted a
series of photographs of the skies above CERN. Those jaw-dropping photos showed the
formation of strange clouds and were proof that the biggest experiment in the world is about to
tear up a portal to another universe.
Up till now, we have only seen such incidents in the movies, but now after witnessing it in
reality, people are not only concerned but scared if the scientists really have found a way to open
a portal to another world. What will happen next? Are we goiņg to be destroyed or meet
ourselves in another dimension? But what really is of everyone's concern is the comeback of
CERN. Nobody knows the secrets it holds, and today we will try to unravel the hidden truth
about the gateway to the parallel universe.
The European Organization for Nuclear Research, known by its French acronym CERN, is
something that you hear about when there is some news about a newly discovered subatomic
particle. It is the world's largest particle physics lab, and it has the biggest accelerator in the
world, the LHC, or Large Hadron Collider. The credit for being the biggest goes to its circular
tunnel of nearly 17 miles, or 27 kilometers in circumference. The LHC, like all physics
experiments, tries to test theoretical predictions and find whether any are flawed. It enables
atoms to be smashed togethet with even greater power at nearly the speed of light, allowing it to
recreate conditions comparable to those experienced during the universe's beginning

Dimension,fifth dimension,hadron,hadron collider,god particle,higgs boson,higgs boson found,Cern,nasa,live space,space,starship,spacex,elon musk,michio kaku,string theory,steven hawking,neil degrasse tyson,physics,science,space documentary,voyager,voyager 2,destiny,ridddle,technology,life on jupiter,mars,nasa discovery,albert einstein,stephen hawking,new planet,sun,solar system,super heavy,rocket,sn20,spaceship,moon,europa space,saturn,raptors,engine

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Guest host Mike Adams is joined by multiple medical experts including Dr. Jane Ruby to deliver vital & startling revelations in REAL-TIME to keep Americans informed in these volatile times!
Watch & share this groundbreaking edition of The Alex Jones Show that is also loaded with breaking news on politicians’ latest moves to push gun-grabbing laws, what globalists are planning to do with cutting-edge artificial intelligence, and how Americans should prepare for the coming global food crisis. Do not miss this!

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A smooth jam with my brothers from San Antonio Texas Assembly.

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⁣I have been processing through alot. Especially in light of the Massacre of Hebrews in #Buffalo NY. I had a conversation with a dear friend and described how I felt indifferent to the whole thing and felt almost like I had no emotion towards it. The reality is, that I had not had a chance to process through what has JUST HAPPENED.

Tonight, the magnitude of what took place hit me, and I was filled with grief. In my grief, in order to express myself, I created this video tribute/memorial to the victims and survivors of the Buffalo massacre.

I likely will be taking time off this week to process through what this past weekend really means for Israel. Are we going to act like this is normal or acceptable and continue with life as normal? This was a REAL HATE CRIME!!!

If you haven't had a chance to grieve or express yourself, I encourage you to find a healthy outlet to do so. Also, I encourage you all to leave a comment in this post as led to express yourself.

⁣Thy Will Be Done · Daud Aur Yahudy
Home Bound - EP
℗ 2018 Daud Aur Yahudy
Released on: 2018-10-04

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⁣One of the greatest testiments to the delusison and deception of the Caucasian nations come 100 PROOFS the Israelites were WHITE! ⁣THIS IS WHAT THEY BELIEVE!!! Who are the modern European people and where did they come from?

The following is a list which undoubtedly proves the ancient lsraelites were white. That the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic European people today are in fact the true and only descendants of lsrael who inherited all the promises made to our forefathers. That virtually all of the Bible Prophecies are centered around the modern white race today spread through out the whole world.

The list contains a mixture of scripture, bible verses both old and new testament and also historical study.

For more Info visit

Proofs List
- The Saxons meaning
- The 10 commandments
- America Flag's 13 stripes
- To spread across the whole world
- To be known as Christians
- New home to be northwest
- Meaning of the name Adam
- Christ sent the Apostles where
- Who spread the Gospel?
- A new language

- Paul's Letters were to Europeans
- The Abrahamic Covenant
- Jesus's appearance
- America the only Christian nation
- To Transform Desserts
- To control the seas
- All inventions
- To be flooded
- Union Jack = Union of Jacob
- Traditional English names.

- Paganism the Lost Sheep
- The Greek migrations
- An elect race
- Divorced and dispersed
- Kings David and Solomon
- Early European Nations
- The Phoenicians
- America the Eagle
- Christian Churches worldwide
- Nations of agricultural

- Indistinguishable from Greeks
- Romans were Trojans
- Spartan letter to Judeans
- Jude's letter opening
- Would keep the Sabbath
- Noah's son appearance
- Would all praise Christ
- Declaration of Arbroath
- Chief amongst the nations
- Revelations 1000 year reign

- All Heathen Nations aligned
- Further away stronger they became
- Great Britain the Commonwealth
- America a Great nation
- Dan a viper's trail
- Tribe symbols on flags
- Tribe symbols in surnames
- 3 Lions everywhere
- 3 Kings Prophecy
- The British Coat of Arms

- Daniel's 5 Empires
- To be recombined
- Paul accused
- Wealth of the earth
- Always be a Monarch
- Japheth and Shem
- Wild Olive Tree
- The British Flag
- To be a blessing
- To be blind

- Blessed or judged
- Gentiles correct meaning
- To be kind to the poor
- The meaning of Britain
- Name to be "Great"
- Daniel's people of the Prince
- A new covenant to be made
- Justice and judgment
- To lose a colony then expand
- Home to be invincible

- Every people coming
- Revelation 2 Witnesses
- Rich fertile promised land
- The Old Irish Flag
- European Pagan Gods
- God's battle axe
- Egyptian mummies appearance
- The population of the wilderness
- Recognized by their fruit
- DNA of Europeans

- Josephus's 10 Tribes
- New Testament in Greek
- Common mistranslations
- A maritime people
- Rev fall of Rome
- To be separated
- In God we trust
- Graveyards Crosses
- Who is Christ saving
- Time of Jacob's trouble

- Ancient Druids
- Artwork of Christ
- Stone Henges
- To darken
- The kilts
- Welsh IS Hebrew.
- The Cubit measurement
- To rule over others
- 7 times punishment
- Must fulfill all prophecy

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For booking information, contact: info.blessingalimusic@gmail.com
A song of Gratitude, Ese Oluwa means "Thank you Lord" and are words derived from the Yoruba dialect in Nigeria (West Africa).
This is an anthem of Thanksgiving that cuts across every tribe, language, culture, and background with simple yet powerful lyrics that expresses the heart of gratitude. This beautiful sound has fast become a widely sung music that is an extension of the beautiful songs offered unto the Lord.
Soprano vocals :Vivian Odubanjo and Nasha J Noisette
Alto Vocals: Cassie Amoako and Ketacha Maragh
Tenor Vocals: Elijah Dare Odubanjo and Jay-Joseph O'Neell
Keys and strings: Junior Boateng (New Genn Music Productions)
Acoustic guitars: Uziel Olivas (Uzi)
Bass guitar: Elvin Kiko Lavergne
Drums: Matthew Jackson
Electric guitars: Fabiano Da Silva
Recorded live at Futura Studios/ productions (Roslindale Massachusetts)
Sound mix and mastered by Matthew Sim
Produced by Junior Boateng for Newgenn Productions
Video/Cinematography : Kwame Agyei Jr. Films
Logistics director: Dr. Rhoda Agyeman
Executive Producer: Blessing Ali

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Provided to YouTube by Sony Classical

Pavane, Op. 50 · Bobby McFerrin · The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra · Gabriel Fauré

Paper Music


Released on: 1995-07-18

Producer: Steven Epstein

Auto-generated by YouTube.

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Original 'Speak The Name' by koryn Hawthorne

Video Shot & Edited by: Truant Nation
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submissions: truantnation@gmail.com

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