I am a son of a preaching Mother and the grandson of a Preacher Grandfather (R.I.P.), So the word of Yah flows thru my D.N.A and veins.
However, now awakened to the truth of who Our People really are, everything has changed and somewhat "clicked", for lack of a better word.

I have been waking up to "The Truth" for the last seven years with the Most High telling me that we are His true Children And The People of the Book".

I wrestled within myself and then out with my Pastor, (at the time) and my Mother, and came to the conclusion that I had to let them be them and where they where and to continue on with the journey the Ruach Hakodesh has me on.

He told me that He wanted me to go back to school but He was going to be my Teacher, He called it the "Holy Ghost University".  He also told me to stop listening to any and all preachers and teachers for a while, because He had to teach me everything I thought I knew.

Shortly after we (my Wife of 20 years; Trina) left our church, the first time,(long story). Then Abba Yahuah asked me to tell Him what I wanted from Him. Thinking I was being Wise like Solomon I asked for wisdom. The Most High's Eyes basically said "stop playing and be real"! So I went on to ask for a few personal intimate requests, and I thought that was it.

A few days later He said something was about to happen that was really going to shake my/our faith, but to keep my/our eyes on Him and don't forget that He was always here with me/us. He told me to prepare my wife, so over the next few weeks to a month I was reminding her so much that she was finishing my sentences for me. Little did I know my life was going to be turned completely upside down and inside out at the same time.

One night in May 2016 I suffered a major stroke and had to go directly into emergency surgery to remove blood clots from my brain and leg, the next day They it was found that I had a defective heart valve and needed an emergency open heart surgery to replace it. The following day I went back into surgery to remove more clots from my leg, and even though this saved my leg, weeks later I would need to have three toes amputated.

Even though this was a totally life altering series of events, I have said and will continue to say "that I wouldn't change a thing". 

So far every request that I asked of The Father at the beginning of this roller coaster ride, He has answered in ways only He could.   The most important request, and the only one that I can share for now was; to know Him better and to draw closer to him.
So yes, I am much closer to Him (which was not an option with the past trails of my faith/belief), and He's let me see a side of Him I didn't know before.
I have a good feeling He's just getting started!    
I love being in motion with my walks (5 days 5 miles) and rides on my bike at the park. I also enjoy encouraging our people to get and to stay active and healthy, ruachlely, mentally, and physically! Shalom
Gender : Male
Country :United States