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The increasing true knowledge for the chosen ones of Israel

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The increasing true knowledge for the chosen ones of Israel - In this video tutorial, "The Light of Zion"; https://www.thelightofzion.com. explains the revealings of true knowledge by Yahuwah the almighty God to all Israel's chosen descendants. The true knowledge of what the almighty God is accomplishing with and for the descendants of Abraham was made secret until the time of the end of Israel's punishment time among the nations.
It is written and declared to Daniel “As for you, Daniel, keep the words secret, and seal up the book until the time of the end. Many will rove about, and the true knowledge will become abundant.”(Daniel 12:4).
However, our enemies have misled many of the descendants of Israel into serving and calling on a different god -(gods of the nations) and another messiah or Christ.
However, true understanding and knowledge will be revealed and become abundant in the final days before Yahuwah the almighty God of Israel return to gather back chosen descendants of Israel and restore the holy place - The land of Israel
Here are the things you must know. Watch and learn and be built up.
Pay attention as you watch this video. subscribe so that you can watch other related videos. It might save your life. "Get out from among her" -(world empire of false religions)
This warning must be heeded by all who want to serve Yahuwah the almighty God of Israel
Prepping yourself for God's coming kingdom is the best way to ensure your survivability into the future. Prepare yourself so that you are on the symbolical Noah's ark. Listen and heed the warning from Yahuwah our God.
Awareness of what is foretold to occur and what is needed to survive is a vital part of preparing for the day of Yahuwah.
This video tutorial will help viewers to be aware of things that were written that must occur and must be done before the kingdom of God arrives. It also presented explanations to help viewers to understand the applications of the things written in the bible.

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