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The jealousy of the nations against the Negro -the true Israel

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The jealousy of the nations against the Negro -the true Israel. - In this video presentation, "The Light of Zion"; https://www.thelightofzion.com. explains the reasons behind the hatred and jealousy of the nations against true Israel descendants -(The negros). The almighty God Chose the negros -Israel to bear his spirit and words in our mouth. Thus The Negro-Israel is to serve as priest/spokesman for Yahuwah the almighty God to the rest of the peoples of the earth.
Yahuwah declares His word to Jacob/Israel and Israel makes His decisions known to all the peoples of the nations of the earth.
Psalms 147:19-20 "He declares his word to Jacob, His regulations and judgments to Israel. 20 He has not done so with any other nation; They know nothing about his judgments. Praise Yah!
Yahuwah also chose the Negro -Israel to live in his holy mountains and serve Him there in the promised land for Abraham and his chosen negro descendants. Yahuwah protected and provided for his chosen people of Israel.
For this, the nations became jealous of Israel's inheritance and favor from the almighty God. They devised plans and stripped and took over the inheritances of the negro -Israel. All of these happened because of negro -Israel's error of leaving Yahuwah our God.
The nations scattered and subjected the negro -Israel to a servant /slave position in all corners of the earth. But the nations -(daughters of Babylon) do not know how this matter will end.
This video presentation will help viewers to be aware of things that were written that must occur and must be done before the kingdom of God is restored back to the Negro who is the true chosen one to inherit and serve Yahuwah the almighty God in the promised land. It also presented explanations to enable viewers to understand the applications of the things written in the bible.
Please watch, enjoy and share other videos like this one at https://www.youtube.com/@thelightofzion

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