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Duane Harris
Duane Harris
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⁣Video Production: Duane Harris

Lyrics: You take me high above the world I see
Way beyond the clouds, beautiful colours surround me
You show me dreams I never dreamt before
Unspeakable feelings evermore

Fly with me
Across the heavens
Feel the breeze
Above the skies
Come with me
Across the heavens
Spirit breathe

Every time I look into Your eyes
Revelation eyes
Heavenly visions, paradise
I feel a love I've never felt before
Touch my emotions evermore

You're so amazing...

Producer, Studio Personnel, Mixer, Engineer: Andy Hunter
Producer, Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Mixer: Tedd Tjornhom
Studio Personnel, Engineer: Dave Williams
Composer: Andy Hunter
Composer: Tedd Tjornhom
Composer: Raymond James Goudie

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Sharman Castillo
Sharman Castillo 5 months ago

Wow! The Glory of Yahuah is glorious! And so amazing.

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