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The Future of our children is at risk from the degeneration of society famly.

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Following Journey with Abraham in the Bible through chapter 13 to the promised land Temple mount Jerusalem South Africa Temple mount Jerusalem South Africa

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Roman map of South Africa from 44 A.D. by pomponius mela, and news article of Roman coins found in South Africa
Link to the map

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A message for our Kings and Queens, Brothers and Sisters of the Diaspora to come home to the Holy Land. Sub-Saharan Africa.


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An interesting presentation about the muslims

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What is ChatGPT? OpenAI's Chat GPT Explained. What is Chat GPT? What is OpenAI? Who Founded open ai? What is Chat GPT Explained? What is Artificial Intelligence? What is Dall e 2? What is Artificial Intelligence art? ChatGPT is trending currently as OpenAI's AI Chat Bot went live to the public. Artificial Intelligence 2022 has taken a giant leap forward as Open AI have launched Chat GPT, an artificial intelligence chat bot that does chatgpt coding and artificial intelligence art through Dalle-2. ChatGPT uses machine learning python and artificial intelligence to learn how to generate content, rather than just analyse data. What is chat gpt? It's an AI Chat bot that uses Generative pre training to answers questions from the public, like a search engine. Some people are already saying that Chat GPT could put Google out of business, even thought Chat GPT was only launched 2 weeks ago. But what is chatgpt? This is Chatgpt explained in a simple 9 minute video so that you can see some chatgpt examples.
Here's How It Happened

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⁣Shalom Family. Here is a new song for you... Introducing "Blessings"

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On this new video we reveal about the Vatican Hidden Secret about Simao Toko. We reveal why in 1962 Pope John XXIII had to send two messengers from 8000 miles to Angola-Afrika in order to inquire about who Simao Toko is, and what happened in 1935 in Catete-Afrika.We also reveal why Simao Toko was taken by force to Portugal and why he had to come back on 31/ 08/1974 and why Angola became independent on 11/11/1975. Stay tune to find out more and Take a second to like, subscribe and share so that you don't miss any of Bantu Tokoista Youth video. NKEMBO KWA TATA NZAMBI TUYIMBILA!!!

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The bait and switch, the real Israel that's in Africa

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This topic has puzzled numerous expositors: how does Islam fit into the picture of global conflict? Is this a political or religious conflict, or both? What is Islam's origin and what are its goals? How does it impact ecumenism and the doctrine of salvation in Christ? Can we find evidence that the Catholic Church created Islam or helped them grow? Find out in this informative video. A clear line is drawn through history, showing that the reality is more startling than the theory. This presentation includes a look at some powerful Islamic leaders past and present, a comparison of Catholicism and Islam, and a discussion of Islam and Mary worship.

Click here to download the Study Guide for this lecture: http://pdf.amazingdiscoveries.....org/Study_Guides/TO/

Islam is exclusive [1:14]
Who and what is Islam? [1:50]
Who is Mohammed? [2:28]
Symbols of Islam [3:57]
Who is Allah? [4:08]
Crescent moon/sun worship [4:52]
Papacy also uses these symbols [7:03]
Romanism came before Islam; Rome, an ancient occult religion [8:25]
Mary worship, moon connection [10:52]
Mary in Islam, caves, and mountain shrines [11:41]
Moon & sun worship [13:09]
Half moon symbols [14:03]
Catholic cathedral in Aman [14:15]
Muslim mosque [15:10]
Islam dress = nun dresses [15:47]
Damascus mosque [16:01]
Islamic all seeing eye [17:53]
Luxor temple [21:00]
Baal temple [22:12]
Inside Catholic cathedrals [22:46]
Roman Catholic cathedral built like a Phoenician ship [24:38]
Inside knights templar temple [25:22]
Star of Islam and Star of David shape explained [26:02]
Alberto Rivera testimony [26:20]
Walter Veith's speculation on this testimony [26:51]
Fatima connection [29:05]
Map with how Islam spread [30:12]
Secret societies/system of control [32:24]
The assassins [33:30]
The Fatimites [35:08]
The men of Islam [37:03]
Morals and dogmas [38:25]
The Deadly Deception on Freemasonry & Islam shrine explained [39:46]
Islam in Freemasonry [44:18]
Tower of Babel & Mary [46:21]
Mary in other countries/religions/Mary worship [48:12]
Genesis 3:15 [53:19]
Catholic doctrine on Mary [54:17]
Catholic article on how Muslims worship Mary [57:16]
What does Freemasonry teach regarding Mary? [1:01:18]
Text from the Quran [1:03:36]
Home Missionary on Islam's denial of Christ [1:09:41]
Story of Islam convert and difference between Jesus and Allah [1:11:18]
Quotes for various sources [1:14:48]
Passion of the Christ [1:15:58]
Protestant preachers on Islam [1:18:20]
Pope kissing Quran [1:21:39]
Revelation 18:4 [1:21:57]

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up loaded from AUTOCOLLISIONMAN 2 channel
All credit to him.
I live in SA and can confirm all the places mentioned.

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If this video goes down, continue watching on https://www.oraclefilms.com/safeandeffective

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Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion shines a light on Covid-19 vaccine injuries and bereavements, but also takes an encompassing look at the systemic failings that appear to have enabled them. We look at leading analysis of pharmaceutical trials, the role of the MHRA in regulating these products, the role of the SAGE behavioural scientists in influencing policy and the role of the media and Big Tech companies in suppressing free and open debate on the subject.

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The Smithsonian Hidden Discoveries and agreed upon lies. Egyptian discoveries in the grand canyon and hidden information about the discovery of giants.

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May the Lord Jesus Christ protect this information from evil and wicked men
My website: https://thestrangerfiction.com/
Born Again Barbarian: https://www.youtube.com/user/husky394xp
Neil: https://www.youtube.com/c/NeilMcCoyWard

#biden #queen #queenelizabeth

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We look at how the death of Queen Elizabeth II is prompting former British colonies in the Caribbean to replace the British monarch as their head of state. Antigua and Barbuda's prime minister has vowed to hold a referendum soon on whether to become a republic, and Jamaica's ruling Labour Party also plans a vote. The Caribbean at one point formed the heart of England's first colonial empire in North America, with millions of enslaved Africans taken to the islands, where many were worked to death. Dorbrene O'Marde, chair of the Antigua and Barbuda Reparations Commission, says he is not personally mourning Queen Elizabeth's death because her reign helped to "cloak the historical brutality of empire in this veneer of grandeur and pomp and pageantry." We also speak with renowned Jamaican poet and musician Mutabaruka, who says the British monarchy "represents criminal activity" and that the British state needs to make reparations to former colonies like Jamaica to redress the history of abuses. "Actions speak louder than words," he says.

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The death of Queen Elizabeth II has focused global attention on the British royal family and renewed criticism of the monarchy both inside the U.K. and abroad, especially among peoples colonized by Britain. "There's a degree of psychosis that you can go to another people's land, colonize them, and then expect them to honor you at the same time," says Kenyan American author Mukoma Wa Ngugi, who teaches literature at Cornell University and whose own family was deeply impacted by the bloody British suppression of the Mau Mau revolution. He says that with Queen Elizabeth's death, there needs to be a "dismantling" of the Commonwealth and a real reckoning with colonial abuses. We also speak with Harvard historian Caroline Elkins, a leading scholar of British colonialism, who says that while it's unclear how much Queen Elizabeth personally knew about concentration camps, torture and other abuses in Kenya during her early reign, the monarchy must reckon with that legacy. "Serious crimes happened on the queen's imperial watch. In fact, her picture hung in every detention camp in Kenya as detainees were beaten in order to exact their loyalty to the British crown," says Elkins.

Democracy Now! is an independent global news hour that airs on over 1,500 TV and radio stations Monday through Friday. Watch our livestream at https://democracynow.org Mondays to Fridays 8-9 a.m. ET.

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