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The Vaccine packaging says it all...

1,280 Views· 12/03/20
Timothy Stevens
Timothy Stevens
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important information about the Vaccine agenda being pushed worldwide.

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androidtester2 2 months ago

You were so on point with this issue! Praise Yah for allowing you to share this truth and save lives.

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CitalYAH 8 months ago

I have people in my family who are not speaking to me to this day because I didn’t fall for the okie doke.

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devion33 1 year ago

Yes my whole family took this crap and then was mad that I didn't take it. My children who are grown will don't take it either....I will not be moved on this one. Bless you sir..and I pray that everyone on this Thread be covered and stay safe.

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Shalom_Eliyahsheva 2 years ago

Abba Yah, smh my mother took this mess and I begged her not to all she could say "I want my freedom back" and she actually took her freedom away. I wish people would just listen and stop listening to these demons.

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lisa e
lisa e 2 years ago


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