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The Vaccine packaging says it all...

1,260 Views· 12/03/20
Timothy Stevens
Timothy Stevens
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important information about the Vaccine agenda being pushed worldwide.

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CitalYAH 4 months ago

I have people in my family who are not speaking to me to this day because I didn’t fall for the okie doke.

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devion33 1 year ago

Yes my whole family took this crap and then was mad that I didn't take it. My children who are grown will don't take it either....I will not be moved on this one. Bless you sir..and I pray that everyone on this Thread be covered and stay safe.

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Shalom_Eliysheva 2 years ago

Abba Yah, smh my mother took this mess and I begged her not to all she could say "I want my freedom back" and she actually took her freedom away. I wish people would just listen and stop listening to these demons.

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lisa e
lisa e 2 years ago


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newnameKiyah 2 years ago

This is the mark of the beast! If you want to die then take this crap! If you want to be saved...RESIST!!! Our time to leave is coming and if you have this vaccine you will miss the boat! Repent and give your life to Yahuah!

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