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HebrewConnectTV App for Android Beta is released!!!! <br> <br>For those of you looking for a sneak peek at our new app and want to test it out, be sure to leave a "LIKE" and a comment on this post say..

Last step is to email with subject: "Add Me to HCTV APP Test". You will then be emailed a link to Google Play to download and test the app! Native HCTV Login is currently enabled. Gmail and FB Social Login will be enabled on future update.

The below link to the HCTV App will only work for those that followed the above last step.

Candis Adachi
Candis Adachi 2 months ago
I would definitely like to be added
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divineangel1224 10 months ago
I would love to be added to this easy access for my android devices.
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Claudia Smith
Claudia Smith 11 months ago
I'd like to try it too.
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ysrael ben yahudah
ysrael ben yahudah 12 months ago
I wouldn't mind trying the app.
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Cartaya Aziel
Cartaya Aziel 1 year ago
I would like to be added
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Daughter of Zion
Daughter of Zion 1 year ago
Our Father work needs to be publish ASAP . Any tips on how to upload videos as Google is not too friendly.
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Wenona Daniel
Wenona Daniel 1 year ago
Are you still testing app? Im interested
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Jadams10 1 year ago
I'd like to be added.
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Ginnise Montano
Ginnise Montano 1 year ago
Add Me to HCTV APP Test
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Vivvy1 1 year ago
Yes I would like to try out the app...will email you shortly...
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