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Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees / the religious teachers and leaders.

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Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees / the religious teachers and leaders.- In this video presentation, "The Light of Zion"; https://www.thelightofzion.com Brings to light the warning given by Yahushua the Christ to the Hebrews -(The negros) descendants of the true Israel. This warning is about what we the descendants of true Israel should continually watch out for from the false-religious teachers and leaders of this system of things. Why and where should all Israel's descendants pay attention? Yahushua the Christ clearly declared that death is the consequence of not looking out and for being misled by these religious teachers and leaders. We must also look out for the corruption of our God's words from the governmental authorities.
True Israel's descendants must seek for Yahuwah our God and Yahushua the son that He sent for the purpose of regathering the lost sheep of the house of Israel at the appointed time. Then we will truly be shepherded and guided to the streams of living water -our God's word.
How does one come to seek and research out Yahuwah the almighty God? How can we come to trust in Him and His words with faithfulness?
This video presentation will help viewers to be aware of things that were written that must occur. It must be done before the kingdom of God is restored back to the Negro who is the true chosen one to inherit and serve Yahuwah the almighty God in the promised land. It also presented explanations to enable viewers to understand the applications of the things written in the bible.
Please watch, enjoy, and share other videos like this one at https://www.youtube.com/@thelightofzion
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